Why is my Seller Center account not verified yet? When will my product be visible on Lazada website?

Ellen Deng

When your Seller Center was created, we already have sent you an email, which explains you the next mandatory actions to take:

  1. Watch our videos and pass online test (>= 85%). If you have received less than 85%, please re-take the exam through the same link. [Onboarding materials]
  2. Sign up for Payoneer and link Payoneer on Seller Center. Make sure your Payoneer is active in Seller Center. Payoneer is Lazada’s the only payment solution.
  3. List 50 products in Seller Center and minimum 50 must pass Lazada Quality Check. Quality Check may take up to 7 to 9 business days from the moment you last edited your listing.

Only if you have completed everything, we will review your account and verify your account. Your products that passed QC will be visible on Lazada website once your account gets verified.

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