What do I do after an item is returned?

Lazada Support Center

With our new reverse logistic we will now return all goods by default of/more than 10USD to Hong Kong.

When items reach Hong Kong, Sellers will receive email from timeslogistsics@lazada.com

First you are required to register to Times Logistics (Lazada’s 3PL partner in Hong Kong) system to get back items.  Please visit our Reverse Logistic tool at this link Please make sure to put your latest and updated information to avoid any lost parcel.

Seller can see their return orders from Times reverse logistics OMS

Step 2: Check your returned item status

Once you do login and go to ‘My Return Order’, you can see the list of items return back to Hong Kong warehouse. 

Step 3: Manage your return

For International seller situated outside of China/Hong Kong/Korea, you can select item to be picked up or dispose by us. 


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