How do I update my stock levels?

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You can add update your product stock level in Seller Center either one-by-one or using bulk update.


1. Click “Products” -->  “Manage Products”


2. Scroll through the list of products or use the search box to locate the product you wish to update stock level

3. Turn off the SKU / item

4. Click on the pencil icon in the "Available" column

5. Update the available stock and click “Save”


Bulk Update

  1. Click “Products” --> “Import Products”


  2. In the “Download Templates” section, click on “Stock Update” to download the Excel file.


3. Follow the screenshots below.






4. Edit the columns you wish to update the stock level for and save the file.


 5. Upload the file in the “Import Product” section.


To learn more,visit Lazada University Tutorial.


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