What you risk by selling prohibited items and infringing on intellectual property rights

Ellen Deng

In case of improper use of IP rights including unauthorized product image usage, sale of fake, counterfeit or prohibited products, Lazada may at its sole discretion take any or all of the following course of actions:

(a) Seller’s account on Lazada will be deactivated for good and with immediate effect;
(b) Seller’s account will be withheld by Lazada, including all its outstanding payables;
(c) Sellers’ customers will be informed by Lazada of such eventuality, and will be entitled to return the counterfeit/non-conform Goods and to get full refund;
(d) All accounts payable to the Seller as per Lazada’s accounting including Sellers’ Center account will be applied by Lazada towards refund to entitled customers and/or to purchase substitute Goods to compensate the customers;
(e) Relevant local government authorities will be informed of the infringement and/or
(f) To pay Lazada a deposit sum as security for the due performance and observance of the stipulations under this Article, if applicable

For more information, please refer to Lazada University: Agreement & Policy

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