Where can I see the list of online training sessions and sign up for one?

Ellen Deng

You may find the course list in our Lazada University website.

Currently, we offer trainings with five different topics:
1) How to attract more traffic by improving your product content - Weekly
2) Get your 5-star seller-ratings by improving your operation performance - Weekly
3) LGS (Lazada Global Shipping) Training - Weekly
4) How to successfully apply for promotions and receive more orders - Weekly
5) Get your money without delay - All you need to know about payouts - Bi-weekly

From time to time, Lazada offers a session for a limited time. For instance, Lazada would offer "Chinese New Year Promotion Training" around CNY campaign periods.Therefore, pay close attention to Lazada e-newsletter to get the latest updates about new training courses.

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