How do I sign the contract?

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You should have received an email invitation from Lazada Crossborder via DocuSign.

Step 1. Click on the orange button "Review Documents" to view your contract.

Step 2. Click the orange sign on the left to review the contract or download it by clicking "Other Action".

Step 3. Review all your business information to ensure that it's up to date and accurate and edit if it is not accurate with below circumstances,

Your Business Registration remains the same

  1. Update your company information directly on Kobron DocuSign contract
  2. Scan and attached your Business Registration to ensure that accuracy of information at this link

Your Business Registration have changed

  1. Fill in your company information and attached the scanned copy of your New Business Registration at this link
  2. Lazada will send you a updated version of Kobron Contract for your review at DocuSign again. Please follow Step 1 to complete this process. 

Make sure input the name of the legal representative of your company. Only the legal representatives have the right to sign this contract.

4. Click the “Sign” button and input the name of legal representative. You can choose to use pre-designed signature or draw yourself.

5. Click “Finish” button at the bottom right to complete the action. You will receive a confirmation email with signed document in attachment Please see deck to see more details.

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