How do mandatory attributes change SC behavior? For csv SKU / updates?

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  • For updates to EXISTING SKUs
    • If the attribute is mentioned as a header in the CSV file, it cannot have an empty value. If you try to upload an empty value, you will see the following error for that particular SKU (the rest of the SKUs will be updated) 

Field WashingCapacity (for Seller SKU: BWF5712A) with value '' has a problem: WashingCapacity cannot be empty

Where WashingCapcity is the mandatory attributes

  • However, if is not mentioned in the file and is is empty for an SKU, the SKU will still be updated with the values in the CSV file. This means that the sellers can use the Price and Stock update CSV to update existing assortment without issues.
  • For NEW SKUs
    • If you try to create a new SKU, even if the mandatory fields are not there in the header, you still get an error message prompting you to fill in these values, as per below.

Field Capacity with value '' has a problem: Capacity cannot be empty

    • For new SKUs bulk upload, the sellers should be encouraged to use the PIF from

Product Import -> Product creation by category 
The PIF is an Excel file that helps sellers bulk upload SKUs. The mandatory attributes will be highlighted in orange
in the PIF. 

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