How to use Times Order Management System (OMS) to track my parcel?

Dispute Management

Please go to and follow the following steps.

Step 1: Go to “Batch Query via Seller Manifest” under “Seller Center” on the left, and download “Seller_Upload_Template_en” form as indicated below.


Step 2: Input all the tracking numbers you want to track on “Tacking Number” column and save it

Tips: Please do not omit any number, especially the zero in front of the tracking number if there is one, and change the format into text format


Step 3: Upload the completed “Seller_Upload_Template_en” (as indicated below)

Step 4: Download the “Seller_Upload_Template” (as indicated below)

Step 5: View the status of your parcels


Tips: Please ensure to meet our Order Fulfillment Policy of order being processed and fulfilled within 48 hours and ensure parcel arrives our sortation center within 7 days from order creation. Otherwise, your order will be subjected to cancellation and penalties.

For more information, please download our LGS Solution Pack at below link,

HK LGS users: Please click here

CN LGS Users: Please click here

Non-HK/Cn/KR LGS users: Please click here or visit our Seller University at this link. You may also attend our webinar for more information

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