How can I avoid penalties?

Ellen Deng

  •  To avoid cancellations penalties:
    1. Update your stock level frequently and realistically
    2. Check pending order emails and Seller Center a few times a day
    3. Update order status to “Ready-to-Ship” and ship out within 48 hours
    4. Pay extra attention when you update prices, especially the prices in local currencies
  •  To avoid return penalties:
    1. Have trustworthy suppliers, conduct strict quality control with frequent sample testing.
    2. Pay extra attention when packing the orders to not deliver wrong products, especially during high volume campaign days
    3. Make sure there is no broken seal before packing the good and ship out.
    4. Make sure to pack all items stated in “What’s in the box” on website before ship out the order
  •  To avoid prohibited  penalties:
    1. Make sure to refer to the full list of prohibited items here before uploading SKUs
    2. Always keep in mind that some items are dangerous to ship out from overseas such as: batteries, power banks, hoverboards
    3. Always keep in mind that each Lazada country has its own regulation and does not tolerate some items to be sold such as: e-cigarettes, items with violent and obscene content, sensual toys in ID and TH, food supplements, groceries. You can refer here to see which items are the main offenders.
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