How do I upload products in the new Seller Center?

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Products can easily be uploaded in the new seller center - either:

1. By using the one by one upload method
Go to "Add a product", and search for a SPU for the product you wish to create. Should there be no SPU, or is it a OEM product, just add the product via the category function - and just like the old one by one method. For more details on product upload, check out the video in Lazada University on the new platform or signup to a webinar offered through this link.
Step 1: From the main tab click "Products"
Step 2: Click "Add Products" from the drop-down list
Step 3: Select either SPU or category
Step 4: Click on "Select"


2. By using the mass upload file
By selecting "add products" and import products, templates for all level 1 categories are available - like before. A few small differences: - When adding links - HTML codes needs to be added around the link - When the file is complete, just save it as an excel file (same as when downloaded) and upload it in the same menu as where it was downloaded Note that a new mass upload file should be downloaded every time a seller wish to upload new content via this method, as categories, attributes and values may change.
Step 1: From the main tab click "Products"
Step 2: Click "Add Products" from the drop-down list
Step 3: Click "Import Products"

3. By API
API documentation is provided and is available in the options tab (top right corner)
Step 1: Click on your Seller Center name from the most top right part of the page
Step 2: Select "API Documents" from the drop-down list



 To learn more, please visit Lazada University or join our Enhanced Seller Center training.

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