Lazada Seller Policy (effective Feb 2018)

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Overview of Seller Policy

Dear merchants we would like to thank you for your continued support you have given Lazada. A New Seller Policy will be launched with implications of major initiatives that will help grow your online business in the longer-term, starting 1st February 2018. For more information on this, please refer HERE

What is it?

  • To train you to be independent and to master marketplace environment 
  • New, simpler, more powerful framework to reward you for exceptional performance and highlight areas to improve on.

What’s Great About This?

  • No limits on OVL & POL and reward for sellers who provide good customer experience with tools to grow your  business.
  • Sellers with positive ratings will enjoy privileged access to certain benefits that will help to boost your business growth and increase traffic to your shop. 

Seller Rewards Structure

Q: What are the various rewards available for Sellers?

A: Sellers can enjoy the following rewards on Lazada:

  • Higher ranking on product searches
  • Shipping and pricing subsidies
  • Participation in campaigns
  • Preferred Seller Programs

Q: How will my seller rating impact access to these rewards?

A: Seller rating is one of the many criteria used by Lazada to select sellers for the above rewards. Sellers are required to maintain a minimum of 30% positive seller rating to be eligible for the rewards.

Q: How will Seller Rating impact the visibility of my products in search and browsing?

A: Sellers with a higher rating will enjoy higher visibility in search and browsing product ranking. Sellers below 30% positive seller rating will have much lower visibility.

Q: How will seller rating impact my eligibility to any shipping or pricing subsidies offered by Lazada?             

A: Only sellers with Seller Rating of 30% and above will be eligible for the subsidies.

Q: How will seller rating impact my eligibility to participate in a campaign?      

A: Only sellers with Seller rating of 30% or above will be eligible to participate in Lazada campaigns. However, certain campaigns might require an even higher seller rating to participate.

Q: How can I regain access to rewards if my seller rating falls below 30%?

A: Access will be restored when seller rating improves back to 30% and above.

Q: What will happen if I breach Lazada policies on Counterfeits, Replicas and other fraudulent items?

A: This could result in SKU or Shop deactivation.

Seller Rating

Q: What is Seller Rating?
A: After purchasing a product, customers are prompted to rate the seller as positive, neutral or negative and write a review. This is in addition to the product rating and review.

Q: How is Seller Rating calculated?

A: Seller Rating is calculated as Total Positive Ratings divided by the Total Ratings. Cancellations will be accumulated as Negative Ratings and be included in the Seller Rating calculation.

Q: What is the difference between % Positive Seller Rating and "Your Rating" (currently seen on Seller Center home page)?

A: % Positive Seller Rating will replace "Your Rating" (calculated based on fulfilment, cancellations and returns) which is currently seen in Seller Center home page.

Q: Where can I see my ratings and reviews?

  • Seller profile page and product pages shows your overall all time rating and individual reviews.
  • Seller Center home page shows your rating in the last 8 weeks (coming in Feb) and reviews in your 'Seller Inbox' (by end March). Evaluation will be based on this rating.

Q: Where can customers see my ratings and reviews?
A: Seller profile page and product pages shows your overall all time rating and individual reviews.

Q: What will be shown if I have no ratings?

A: Your Seller Rating will be shown as “Not enough ratings”. Access to Seller rewards will not be removed.

Q: I'm getting very few Seller Ratings. Do customers know about this?

A: Lazada sends email, App and Web push notifications to customers after their order is delivered to submit a review.

Q: Can a customer who did not make a purchase rate a Seller?

A: No, only customers who have completed a purchase with a Seller can give a rating (Verified Buyers).

Q: How do we prevent competitor Sellers from buying products and giving bad ratings?

A: Lazada is conducts spam verification for Verified Buyers based on device ID, IP address etc. to prevent fraud. 

Q: Can I dispute a Seller Rating?

A: Yes, by contacting the Partner Support Center.

Q: How can I improve my Seller Rating?

A: You can improve your seller rating by improving product quality levels, fulfilment speed and service level.

You will be able to monitor these in the home page of Seller Center.

Q: If my seller rating falls below 30%, what can I do to for my products to get back high visibility?


  • Improve product quality, ship faster and respond to buyer questions to increase your seller rating beyond 30% and gain back eligibility to rewards.
  • Utilize Lazada’s paid marketing tools like Sponsored products and vouchers to increase visibility of products.
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