What are the changes & improvements in PRODUCT PUBLISHING 2.0

Dispute Management

Product Publishing 2.0 will include below changes:




Product creation on desktop will be combined into 1 single page




Improvements of attribute appearance based on acceptable input type

-Improve hint text inside input bar

-Remove white spaces from input bar

-Display ratio buttons for single choice attributes which have less than 5 values

-Display checkboxes for multi choice attributes which have less than 5 values

Introduction of new attribute type: freetext + dropdown

Seller can either choose an existing value from the dropdown list provided or input a new value. This is applicable to attributes whose values have the tendency to change over time, attributes that we have a lot of requests from sellers to  add additional values (e.g. compatible model, compatible brand, style, features related attributes)

Images will be at Color Level for categories with Color as a variation attribute

Images will be on Basic information for categories that have no visual difference at SKU level (no color)

Package dimensions at product level for applicable categories


Warranty Period only show when Warranty Type is filled

New UI for different variation attributes

New UI for SKU Management. Bulk edit for SKU information e.g. price, stock, sale end/start date

Ability to drag-and-drop multiple images from internal directory into browser.

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