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Non-performing Products

At Lazada, we always strive to improve our backend support to help you grow your business. By systematically checking what are the SKUs driving traffic to your store, we deactivate those that are not performing for you. We take a series of criteria in account to make sure only SKUs that have zero impact on your existing sales are deactivated. We combine the result of various topics for example, the duration of the SKU onsite, last edit time, number of orders and various traffic channel etc.

If the SKU meets the criteria, it will automatically fall under “Poor Quality” section in product overview.


Why are we doing this?

We noticed some of your products are not gaining any traffic and therefore unable to generate sales.  To help you grow and focus on SKUs that are performing well, we would like to help you clean those SKUs with low traffic. By deactivating the non-performing SKUs onsite, it drives more traffic to the performing SKUs and gives the rest of the SKUs more opportunity to generate sales.

What can you do?

You can easily edit the product to improve product content. Appended are the links:

how to improve product content. To monitor your product performances, check out Business Advisor.


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