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Duplicate Products

According to the Content and Catalog Policy <Lazada University--Agreements and Policies--Non-Compliance Points System>, Lazada do not allow sellers to deliberately or wilfully create duplicate product listings in attempt to get more exposures on their product pages. If products under the same seller are found to have the same product attributes, the products are considered to be duplicate.

For example, if Seller 123 has 2 products – Product A and Product B with the same product details such as title, brand, category, highlight, description it is considered to be duplicate products. 

Under this Policy, when a seller has been found to have wilfully duplicated a product, we will lock the duplicate product listing that have lower sales, less history of add to cart, and less click rate.  When the product is locked, it will fall under “Policy Violation” tab in product overview page.

By automatically removing the product that is not performing, it allows the rest of your products to come up higher from the search result, have higher chances to be looked at, thus better chance to make a sale.

Possible Consequences

When it has been verified that a seller has wilfully duplicated their product listing, the seller will face the following actions:

  • Seller will receive 1 non-compliance point; and
  • The duplicated product listing will be deactivated

If you receive a notification for violating our policy and you would like to file appeal request, you may do so in the Growth Center



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