Seller Status on Holiday Mode

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What is “Holiday Mode”?

“Holiday Mode” is a seller status that can be caused due to 2 reasons.  

  • Sellers who change their statuses themselves due to personal reasons
  • Sellers who have no account activities in Seller Centre for 60 days


When you’re on Holiday Mode, your SKUs will not be visible on site. See sample below. 

Under “manage product”, tab “Live”, you will see all your live SKUs, with visible section “x”.

This doesn’t mean your SKU has been taken offline, it simply means customers will not see the SKUs when they go on site. To make your SKU live again, please go to “Profile” à “General” section, and change “Holiday Mode” from Yes to No.

Why are we putting you on “Holiday Mode”?

When you are on Holiday mode and there’s an order placed, orders are likely to be cancelled due to long lead time. To ensure that our customer experience is not affected due to missed orders and cancellations, we will need to put your account on Holiday mode until you have had a chance to log back in.


What happened if I continue to be on “Holiday Mode”

If your account has been put to “Holiday Mode” due to no account activities for 60 days. An email will be sent to encourage you to login to Seller Centre to take care of your shop. If no activities are recorded in the next 30 days, your account will be deactivated.

To reactivate your account, please reach out to Partner Support Centre via the link here.

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