Assortment limit for sellers on boarded after 2018 Dec

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To provide quality assortments onsite and to encourage you to make more sales, we are limiting the number of assortment you can upload by Net Order Created (orders that have been delivered with no return or cancellation).

  • 500 Active item limit: New sellers will have 500 active items until seller reaches threshold of 30 net items sold in the last 90 days .Sellers are allowed to sell in only one main category.
  • 1,500 Active item limit: Once the 500 active item limit is released, sellers will have 1,500 active item limit. Sellers are allowed to sell in only one main category. If L90D net orders are < 90, sellers can have max 1500 items.
  • 5,000Active item limit: Once the 1,500 active item limit is released (>= 90 Net orders L90D),sellers will have 5,000 active item limit and allowed to sell in only one main category



Max Number of Products 

Net order created L90D <30


30<=Net order created L90D<90


Net order created L90D>=90



We will calculate the number of Net Orders for the past 90 days to determine how many products you can list onsite. The limitation is on product level, so you are encouraged to create variation under the same product. You can create new product as long as the number of total product is within the limit. Otherwise, you will not be able to create new product.


How to generate more sales and remove this restriction:

The following behaviors will improve the findability and conversion of your assortment. As a result, you will generate more sales and remove this limitation faster!

  1. Optimize your assortment
  • Deactivate low performing products and replace them with products that will perform better. You can view various performance indicators of your active assortment in Business Advisor. Learn more about Business advisor HERE (link to business advisor as below).
  1. Use Variations
  • This limitation is on Product- Products with multiple variations (e.g. Colors and sizes) will be counted as 1 product against your 500-product limit. Learn how to create variations properly HERE (link to varation below).
  1. Fill optional attributes to improve findabilty. Learn more HERE (To find optional attribute FAQ piece if any).
  2. Enrich your product description with images and valuable product information to increase conversion. Learn more HERE (To find product description FAQ piece if any). Also see product image guidelines Here(To find  product image FAQ piece if any).


How long does it take to release the limitation:

If you have made more than 90 Net Order Created today for the past 90 calendar day, the limitation will be released the same day at midnight.



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  • For product description and image guideline: Is there a deck for CB?

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  • Link to lagging SKU :

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