IP Infringement feedback process

Ivy shan

Please do below step if facing an infringement cases when you are a brand seller,

Please send an email to the email: trust@lazada.com with below document and information,

1) There is a POA (or equivalent thereof) showing your ability to represent the brand in enforcement matters;

2) There is demonstrable evidence of IP rights in the jurisdiction (e.g. trademark registration in the relevant country);

Kindly provide us with pictorial evidence, a side by side comparison or any other proof of copyright infringement.


3) There is clear, specific evidence that there is a likely infringement of the IP rights;
For each product listing, please provide a side by side comparison link or reference to the exact image/character/original product claimed to have been infringed by the said listing (please provide this in the table below).


4) The following table is populated in an excel sheet:


5) Please confirm that the request does not relate to parallel import/ grey goods.


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